The driveway and garage floor can take a lot of abuse from chemicals or falling objects. Even if they’re free from defects, though, they may have a drab appearance that fails to satisfy you. If you own a business in Overland Park or Kansas City and the concrete floor is damaged or unappealing, this could turn off potential customers. Whatever your situation, you may benefit from epoxy flooring.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Perhaps you’re familiar with resin, the sticky substance found in varnish. Now, combine this with a polyamine-based hardener, and you get a hard, durable substance called an epoxy resin, which can be used to coat and protect concrete flooring. That’s what we mean by epoxy flooring.

Most flooring companies offer one of two epoxy options: water-based and solids-based. While the former is inexpensive, the latter produces a thicker, stronger coating and is more eco-friendly. Here at Epoxy Floors by Welch, LLC, we use only a high solids-based epoxy.

The Reason for Epoxy Flooring

As we just mentioned, an epoxy floor coating can improve the look of your concrete flooring and cover over any defects. It can also protect the floor from further damage, such as that caused by corrosive chemicals, heavy foot traffic, and extreme temperatures. By preventing all chipping, scraping, and staining, it’s an ideal enhancement for residential, commercial, and industrial settings alike. Besides garage flooring and driveways, an epoxy coating can work well for:

    • Entrances into commercial buildings
    • Hospitals and laboratories
    • School hallways
    • Cafeterias and dining halls
    • Basements and work rooms
    • Warehouses and manufacturing plants
    • Kitchen floors and countertops

Epoxy floors give a space added security because they’re slip-resistant and smooth, posing no trip hazards. Their smooth appearance and their lack of seams and ridges make them easy to clean, too, and thus economical. By acting as a sealant, the coating can safeguard your health from respiratory issues caused by concrete dust.

Many of our customers request an epoxy coating for purely decorative reasons. The coating gives a glossy, showroom-like finish and can come in a variety of bold, appealing colors.

What the Process Is Like

Our team can tackle epoxy flooring projects both large and small across Overland Park and Kansas City. During a consultation, we learn what our customers’ goals are and incorporate them into a working plan. We also help them navigate our many color options and finishing options. A finish can provide an extra shine as well as slip resistance, making it perfect for stairs and walkways.

Color Options

Regarding our color options, they can be categorized as solid color and color flake. Having one solid color would be preferable for your garage floor, where you can easily retrieve dropped screws and other small objects. Having flakes or chips of color in the flooring can make the floor come alive in an aesthetically pleasing way; it would all depend on the pattern you want and the size of the chips.

Smaller ones create a sandy or quartz-like appearance while larger ones will produce a “retro” look. Note that the larger they are, the smoother the floor’s profile can be.

The Different Layers

Once you give the go-ahead for a new epoxy floor coating, we’ll start with the necessary preparations. If your concrete floor has cracks, pitting, spalling, or oil and grease stains, we’ll need to address this. If the floor has an old coating on it, we can remove that. Our team will profile the surface so as to reveal the pores, which the epoxy will fill in for a smooth, consistent finish.

After the flooring, the substrate, has been readied, you have the option of adding a vapor barrier. Above that comes the primer, followed by the color chips of your choice, if applicable. Our company goes the extra mile by supplying a polyaspartic top coat that’s five to six times stronger than the epoxy coating itself. This top coat can effectively protect the floor from yellowing caused by UV exposure.

If you’re just having the garage redone, your floor coating project will only take a day and a half at the most. More extensive projects, or more heavily damaged floors, will naturally require more time.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

The most beautiful, long-lasting epoxy is arguably the metallic 100% solids epoxy, and we’re proud to offer this option for those who wish to upgrade. We’ve coated over 10 million square feet of flooring with this epoxy, and no two floors have ever come out exactly alike; that’s how unique of an appearance can be created. We offer multiple colors, tints, and hues and can even add highlighting and swirling effects. Just note that the installation is labor-intensive and may take around five days to complete.

Driveway Sealing

From tire tracks to sun damage, driveways endure a lot. That’s why driveway sealing is among the most popular floor coating services that people request in Overland Park and Kansas City. The process won’t be so complicated: we’ll power wash the driveway to remove dirt and debris, seal it once it’s dry, and then lay down the coating in the color of your choice.

Epoxy Floors by Welch, LLC, is ready to answer any questions you have about our epoxy coating work, so contact us today for a consultation.